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InfraBlok® 350

  • The block allows for the creation of convex or concave curves.
  • Transition from vertical concrete filled to plantable inclined installations can easily be achieved.
  • The blocks interlock in the horizontal plane.

InfraBlok® 425

  • The construction of complex staircases can be incorporated into the wall with relative ease.
  • Vertical structural walls can be achieved using reinforcing steel to create columns within the wall.
  • Handrails, light posts and fences can be set in concrete on top and within the block.

Infralok® 150

  • A light versatile concrete block which provides an ideal solution for those wishing to create an erosion control system in their gardens.
  • Blocks can be rapidly laid without the need for foundations or mortar.
  • The blocks can be laid in various configurations depending on the aesthetic requirement or the condition of the soil and vegetation of the area.

Löffelstein L300 / L500 / L750

  • Structurally stable – no need for additional concrete infill
  • All Löffelstein® systems are available in vertical and heavy duty applications.
  • Ideally suited for retaining cut or fill slopes between 3 and 15m high.
  • Three basic block sizes – L300/L500/L750


  • A dry stacked, concrete block system that can be aligned into tight, convex and concave curves.
  • The compressive strength of the RidgeBlok allows for construction of higher walls compared to hollow concrete retaining blocks.
  • The architectural grooves on the one side of the RidgeBlok enable the blocks to be packed in different aesthetic patterns.

Terrace Blok 190/190 Rockface

  • Blocks can be rapidly stacked without the need for foundations or mortar.
  • The blocks are filled with either topsoil or humus, before planting herbs, creepers or flowers in each of the pockets.
  •  Root systems remain unrestricted and can extend into the natural embankment behind the wall.

Terrace Blok TB300 / TB490

  • Economical – 7 blocks per square metre
  • Open or Closed Face Options – by using a unique slider that fits easily between the blocks.
  • The bottom-hole design and trough shape create a greenhouse effect within the environs of the block. This promotes healthy plant growth with unrestricted root systems to aid in stabilisation.


Waterlöffel® is a versatile, interlocking, dry-stack concrete retaining system purposely designed to combat:

  • Coastal dune erosion by wave action and wind
  • River bank erosion in water courses by seasonal storms
  • Erosion of stormwater outlets.