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ReMblok 30

  • An innovative new design, ReMblok 30, not only provides much safer and more durable crb walling – for open “checker board” configurations – but is also extremely cost-competitive, with a minimum product cost saving of between 35% for a double skin (700mm deep) wall, and 52% for a full triple skin (1050mm deep) wall in Gauteng.

  • Geofabric reinforced walls are constructed using ReM 30 as the facing, which is plantable.

  • Maximum wall angle 75°

  • Spacing between blocks no less than 340mm.

  • Available in rock face or smooth face

ReMRock 220

  • RemRock 220 is suitable for garden and non-structural landscaping. The newest product is a standard “rock face” texture in a natural “sand” colour.

  • Maximum height = 10 rows or 1,8m in open face (300mm space) configuration @ 75° or 12 rows 2,16m high @ 70°.

  • Closed face configuration @ 75° or 14 rows 2.52m @ 70°

  • For geofabric reinforced walls, up to 3m max.

Terraforce L11

  • Optional vertical interlock allowing for seamless variations of wall inclination (90-35 degrees).  Convex and concave corners and curves of unrestricted radius allow complex designs to suit site conditions. Suitable for civil engineering applications such as:
    • Vertical steel reinforced concrete filled L11 blocks
    • Bridge abutments
    • Culvert wing walls
  • The Terraforce L11, in combination with the 4×4 steps and seating blocks are effectively used in building stadium seating.

Terraforce L18

  • Choose between round face, (plant supportive) or flush face to suit your requirements.

  • Units are light in weight for easy delivery, handling and installation, yet heavy when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete.

  • Cuts evaporation, improves drainage, allows for effective backfill compaction. 


  • New revolutionary retaining wall system designed for construction of retaining walls to over 20 m in height, at a slope of  86 degrees.
  • Suitable for the construction of retaining walls for highways, railways and other public embankment structures for which standard retaining block walls are unsuitable.
  • High density polyethelene (HDPE) grid mats – known as Tensar uniaxial geogrids are attached by a special connector into the blocks and extend horizontally to secure and reinforce the earth bank, creating a monolithic solid mass.

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